OKEx Announces Destruction of 700 Million Uncirculated OKBs, OKChain Test Network and DEX Go Online Simultaneously

According to official news, OKEx released the "Global Leading Exchange Public Chain OKChain Test Online Launch" announcement, which announced that OKChain's technological advantages and five major ecological direction plans, and the decentralized trading platform DEX was launched simultaneously. At the same time, OKEx CEO Jay Hao stated on his personal Weibo that OKEx announced the destruction of 700 million outstanding OKBs and promised never to issue additional OKBs. OKB holders can enjoy the token mapping OKT issued by OKChain, and OKT will serve as OKChain. Based on the basic token, the team will map 100% of the genesis block token to OKB holders in accordance with the holding ratio of OKB. The team will not make any reservations.