BigONE is the first company in the world to support the YAS mainnet and launch YAS mainnet currency transactions

According to official information, the YAS mainnet coin has been opened for trading on BigONE, and the "YAS Mainnet" deposit and withdrawal have also been started. As the world's first trading platform that supports the YAS mainnet, BigONE has reached a cooperation with the YAS project party. YAS users can conveniently and quickly replace YAS mainnet tokens in BigONE.

YAS Network is a sister chain of EOS. EIDOS and YAS can be converted in both directions. Users can transfer some EIDOS to the contract "yasminttoken", and the contract will return the corresponding YAS quantity.

BigONE is a trustworthy, secure, professional, and win-win global blockchain digital asset custody and trading platform, providing users with a full range of one-stop digital asset related services such as spot transactions, leveraged contracts, and entrusted management of wealth.