Director Kraken: Bitcoin is largely at the beginning of a bull market

According to AMBCrypto, Kraken director Dan Held recently talked about the changes since the last time Bitcoin broke through $ 10,000 in the "The Breakdown" podcast. Held said that people's overall perception of Bitcoin's value may be somewhat subjective. He also talked about how fear and greed are deeply embedded in the price: "When Bitcoin was $ 3,000, many people were scared." He also pointed out, but most people in the crypto community bought Bitcoin at the current price. So as not to miss the opportunity. As a general reflection of market sentiment, Held also believes that the price of Bitcoin is a signal to prove its legitimacy to the rest of the world. Bitcoin successfully defended the $ 6,500 bottom and it looks like there could be a strong buyer market. He further stated: "Bitcoin is largely at the beginning of a bull market."