Analysis: Monero's mining concentration problem may not be as serious as it seems

The Bitcoinist analysis article states that two mining pools now control more than 60% of Monero's network computing power. In theory, the two mining pools can act as attackers, launching a 51% attack on Monero. By doing so, they will be empowered to manipulate the blockchain ledger, prevent certain transactions and even perform double spend attacks. However, mining pools are made up of individual miners, who can switch mining pools at any time. If this happens, individual miners will almost certainly switch mining pools to protect their investment in mining hardware and XMR tokens. In addition, Monero developers are aware of the problem of mining industrialization through ASIC hardware, and they have repeatedly tried to prevent its use by changing algorithms. So while this is a worrying issue, Monero's mining concentration is multifaceted and may not be as serious as it seems.