Twitter users: Ripple locked XRP allocation plan could take more than 20 years

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is about to be interviewed by CNN host Julia Chatterley. Chatterley is asking questions from netizens on Twitter. Twitter user Leonidas Hadjiloizou said that at the current rate, the allocation of XRP locked by Ripple may be longer than the original plan of 55 months and will take more than 20 years. He wants to know if Ripple intends to speed up the distribution at some point, or if there is other work to do.

He also wanted to know Ripple's IPO timing and how the IPO will affect Ripple, XRP and Ripple's XRP holdings. In addition, he also wanted to know whether the large amount of XRP in the hands of the founders would affect Ripple's strategy and mentioned ODL, acquisitions / investments, Ripple litigation and other issues.