BM: B1 will add EOSIO tools and interfaces, making it easier to deploy applications on the blockchain

BM published an article entitled "Why Blockchain Is a Better Application Server / Database Architecture" in Medium today. He analyzed the flaws in the infrastructure and design of databases and other traditional Internet and pointed out that blockchain is the best solution: Open blockchain frameworks such as EOSIO make it unnecessary for developers to rebuild in order to build secure applications. Create a "database" because all users sign their actions with a private key for traceability and verification. One goal of B1 in the future is to add tools and interfaces to promote the process of deploying business on the blockchain similar to (or even simpler) than deploying business on the traditional Internet.

In the next few years, not adopting blockchain technology is like banks not adopting SSL, and once blockchain technology is widely used, those who do not use blockchain technology seem to have committed major negligence. It's time to act. If there is no fundamental change in the way we build applications, your business and users will not get real security at all. Every day of delay is to expose your business to hacking and fraud in.