Innovation workshop talks about blockchain: core business has not yet appeared

In the past few years, the blockchain industry has experienced different stages such as the bubble boom, industry cooling, and policy recovery. Innovative workshops have remained silent and low-key. Internal sources told the First Financial Reporter that blockchain technology is different from artificial intelligence. It requires a larger amount of financial support and a more cautious investment attitude.

In 2019, the blockchain research paper "Monoxide: Scale Out Blockchain with Asynchronized Consensus Zones" written by Dr. Wang Jiaping and Dr. Wang Hao was announced by the Computer Network Academic Conference NSDI, which was selected by China as the NSDI blockchain field. an article.

Wang Jiaping, the current executive director of the Innovation Workshop, told the First Financial Reporter that the information asymmetry in the blockchain industry is serious. The team released this paper in order to let more people hear the sound of the blockchain technology and understand its technology. Nature. The blockchain in the early stage of development is similar to the initial stage of the Internet industry, and the core business that is really important in the future may not yet appear.

Blockchain industry early

According to public information, Wang Jiaping's main investment direction is blockchain and artificial intelligence. He was formerly a researcher at the Redmond Institute of Microsoft Headquarters, focusing on distributed systems, computer graphics and vision, and GPU clusters for machine learning. In the research, dozens of research results were published in the top international journals of ACM SIGGRAPH/ToG, and the ten remaining US patents have been authorized.

Dr. Wang Jiaping from Dr. Shen Xiangyang (now Microsoft's global executive vice president), received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his doctoral thesis won the 2009 National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award. He was the only computer science major in the year. By. He once dominated the first round of institutional investment in Bitco, becoming one of the three major investors in his first round. The first financial reporter learned that the main purpose of Li Kaifu, the chairman of Innovation Workshop, was to explore the layout blockchain field, including cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurship projects.

In essence, Wang Jiaping said that blockchain computing is a von Neumann architecture that can be separated from specific computing devices. It can prove the trusted computing paradigm to third parties. The purpose is to calculate the process authenticity and support. The self-certification of business logic is implemented on the upper-layer application, bringing trust that can be calculated to the world.

However, the problem of information asymmetry faced by the blockchain industry is still serious and obvious. Wang Jiaping specifically explained from two aspects. In the first aspect, the blockchain technology itself is very different from the previous computing system. There are not many people who understand the blockchain. Secondly, the blockchain is covered with a layer of “digital currency”. “This is not true,” said Wang Jiaping. He stressed that the blockchain is not equal to digital currency, but a new computing paradigm. The industry is currently in the early stage, and the digital currency bubble is similar to the "fried domain name" in the early days of the Internet. In addition to digital currency, areas such as financial technology and food traceability are at an exploratory stage.

In addition, Wang Jiaping said that advocating blockchain technology omnipotence and blockchain makes data irreversible is wrong – "no technology is omnipotent, blockchain makes it impossible to change the calculation rules, not the data itself. If the rule contains a 'tampering' action and a 'modify data' rule, then the data can be modified."

Emphasize the long period of landing

Wang Jiaping compares the development of the blockchain industry to the early stage of the development of the Internet industry. "The blockchain needs to find a practical application that is not so fast, and it is not an urgent matter," he said. The development of the chain does indeed bring many old businesses into the chain, but it is not necessarily the most important business in the digital world that the future blockchain really creates. The latter is probably not present at all.

Wang Jiaping told the First Financial Reporter that the blockchain field must be the first in the concrete landing scene. He explained that similar to the earliest commercial computers, it was first applied to the banking field. The digitization and formalization of the financial system is the highest, and the rules are heavy and relatively simple. If you do the recommendation engine, the search engine, the rules are complex, and the data access is large, the blockchain can't hold it.

At the same time, at the interview site, Wang Jiaping emphasized to the First Financial Reporter that there is no exaggerated comparison between China and the United States in the development of the blockchain field. He said that the origin of blockchain technology is indeed in the West, but the core infrastructure in this field is completed in China. "Technically, the country is not behind in the blockchain field. The blockchain is a global one. thing."

As for the combination of AI and blockchain technology, Wang Jiaping said that the combination must be meaningful, the key is how to combine and combine whether it is effective and meaningful. For example, the characteristics of the blockchain are fairness that cannot be falsified by rules, rather than spelling performance. The latter blockchain is obviously not as strong as the performance of cloud computing systems.

Blockchain's protection against AI security and privacy has been well received by the industry. After all, data security is one of the pain points of AI. Blockchain technology can not only ensure data sharing in the field by virtue of decentralization and anonymization. Security and privacy can also avoid the occurrence of data silos, and the organic combination of the two can provide more possibilities for smart cities, health care, food safety and other fields. However, Wang Jiaping stressed that the complete integration of the two sides is still not in time, "because the data is not in an open environment." He said that the current data is in the hands of the platform, not every individual user, if one day the situation is reversed Come over, the blockchain can really make the data flow.

“Looking at the concept and seeing whether technology can improve efficiency and reduce costs” is Wang Jiaping’s suggestion to investors and entrepreneurs in the blockchain field. “When any technical service is applied to a specific industry, it is essential to increase productivity.”

Source: First Finance

Author: Lvqian