These two crypto companies are valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. Which big-name investors are investing?

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According to The Block, two well-known crypto startups received 9-figure valuations in their respective financings last year.

According to an investment statement from Blockchain Capital obtained by The Block, the security token startup Securitize was valued at $ 100 million in a round of financing in September 2019, and the escrow service provider Anchorage estimated in the B round of financing announced last June Valued at $ 180 million. The two companies are listed as case studies in Blockchain Capital portfolio companies.

Anchorage raised $ 40 million in Series B, led by industry investment companies. Securitize raised $ 15 million, of which $ 2 million came from BlockChain Capital.

The valuations of Securitize and Anchorage give us a glimpse into which industries (in this case, security token platforms and crypto custody) are attracting big-name investors.

To date, Securitize has raised $ 26.8 million in known funds, attracting overseas investors such as Coinbase, Santander, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), and Nomura Securities. Since November 2019, the company has raised two additional rounds of funding from SBI Investment and Sony Financial Ventures, although the amounts involved have not been disclosed. Therefore, considering that they raised funds after the round in which BlockChain Capital participated, the company's current valuation may be higher.

Last summer, Anchorage attracted attention as one of the few crypto native companies to join Facebook-led stablecoin project Libra. Anchorage has raised a total of $ 57 million from two rounds of funding, supported by Visa, Polychain Capital, Paradigm, Andreessen Horowitz, and others, surpassing other hosting solution providers such as Ledger or Curv.

Signs of health

As documented, Anchorage stores approximately $ 600 million in managed digital assets.

Anchorage co-founder and president Diogo Monica said in an interview with The Block: "Since we brought Anchorage to the market, we are very proud of the progress we have made this year. These shared details are a snapshot of last fall, and since then In the future, our growth will continue to accelerate. "

In the fourth quarter of 2019, this securities token platform brought in contracts worth $ 15.2 million. According to people familiar with the matter, the company has attracted more than 55 customers so far.

Securitize is also the platform that Blockchain Capital uses to launch and manage its security token BCAP. Securitize declined The Block's request for comment.

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