Babbitt Composite Index is adjusted regularly (2020.02)

On February 11, 2020, the Babbitt Comprehensive Index (8BTCCI) completed regular monthly adjustments. Taking into account factors such as circulating market value and transaction value (weighted average), the adjusted 8BTCCI index component in February excludes the project component ZRX, and new project components CRO and BTG are added.

According to QKL123 data, the number of tokens in the 8BTCCI index increased from 29 to 30 last month. The combined weight of the top ten tokens of the 8BTCCI index component after the adjustment in February was 94.12%, and the concentration degree of the market value head was scattered compared with that in January (94.66%). Among them, BTC's index weight (55.93%) was significantly reduced from last month (57.29%), indicating that the market's risk aversion has clearly decreased.

The 8BTCCI index was released on December 07, 2018. It refers to the Nasdaq Composite Index and is produced by Babbit Think Tank. The index component is reviewed once a month, and the index component Token is adjusted according to the audit result to select the most representative token of the entire market.