Data: PlusToken's running funds changed, 12,424 BTC were transferred

According to data from CoinHolmes, a digital asset visualization tracking platform owned by PeckShield, at 15:44 this afternoon, the funds on PlusToken's running funds 1Li4mU and 1H2zrV changed, and a total of 12,424 BTC to 146AAp and 1KRhwg were transferred in multiple transactions. New address. At 16:47, the 12,424 BTCs being transferred were transferred to the new address again and are on the chain to be confirmed. The analysis of PeckShield security personnel found that the last transfer of the two addresses occurred in September 2019. It is not clear what the purpose of the transfer is, and PeckShield is locking in monitoring the further movement of target funds. Users are reminded to participate cautiously in investing to avoid the loss of digital assets. At the same time, they call on major exchanges to mark their addresses to help and freeze incoming stolen money in a timely manner.