Zhang Xiaojun: Huawei is promoting the application of blockchain to medical data sharing, and using science and technology to fight the epidemic

On February 10th, Zhang Xiaojun, director of Huawei's blockchain project, shared the theme of "Blockchain and Hospital and Charity" on FireTalk. Zhang Xiaojun said that the value of the current blockchain is mainly based on data traceability and tamper resistance under multi-center nodes. Therefore, the blockchain has great value in achieving rapid sharing of medical information, transparent display, and rational distribution and use of medical items. reflect. Zhang Xiaojun said that in the early stage of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, everyone paid more attention to the treatment of patients. With the support of large hospitals in various places, science and technology will be gradually launched, using scientific and technological forces to accelerate medical diagnosis and epidemic control. He revealed, "Huawei is currently communicating with government departments and hospitals, and we hope to use our capabilities to use blockchain to make public fundraising transparent, establish a public fundraising chain, and make the information flow controllable and manageable. In government departments, hospitals, etc. Set up nodes on key entities such as public welfare organizations, track and manage with digital tokens, and make each use clear and transparent. "