Bitcoin returns strong to five digits, but US government loses $ 1.7 billion

At 00:00 on February 12, Beijing time, the price of bitcoin broke through the $ 10,000 mark once again, and this development seems to have surprised many people, including the US government.

According to Jameson Lopp, chief executive of key security company Casa, the US Marshals Service has lost more than $ 1.7 billion (about 11.9 billion yuan) in revenue to date because of the premature auction of the bitcoin it seized.

Lopp summarized the bitcoin and price information auctioned by the US Marshals Agency, and the results are shown in the following figure:


(Data from: Jameson Lopp)

It is reported that the US government has so far seized a total of 185,230 BTC, and its auction proceeds totaled approximately $ 154.4 million. With the current Bitcoin price breaking through $ 10,000 again, the value of these Bitcoins has reached $ 1.874 billion. Therefore, according to calculations, The US government lost about $ 1.72 billion in gains.

Of course, the last Bitcoin auction has not actually happened yet. Last week, the US government just announced that it would auction off 40.04.54 BTC (worth about $ 40 million). This auction will be divided into four parts: A series of 5 blocks, each block contains 500 BTC, B series of 10 blocks, each block contains 100 BTC, C series of 10 blocks, each block 50 BTC, 1 block for D series auction, which contains 40.54 BTC.

According to the bailiff official, this auction will be held on February 18th. Only participants who have passed the pre-registration ($ 200,000 deposit) can participate in the online auction, while unsuccessful auction participants will be in the auction. Get a refund at the end.

Do you think the U.S. government will miss more benefits, and welcome your comments.