Over 10,000 BTC transferred by PlusToken yesterday have been split into single digits

The Beijing Chainan Chainsmap monitoring system found that after 4.34am Beijing time on February 12, Beijing time, PlusToken started to launder the relevant BTC for money laundering yesterday. After splitting 11999 BTC into 7 large bitcoins, it further Split into single-digit to double-digit bitcoins. In addition, PlusToken still has an address with over 7,000 Bitcoins, and it is very likely that there will be further actions in the near future. According to SXWK, a data analyst at Beijing Lian'an, from this point of view, the money laundering strategy of this PlusToken is similar to the previous one, which is to form a small UTXO after a large number of transfers and splits of huge bitcoins. According to its previous strategy, the next step will be the continuous merger and re-splitting of these small BTCs, and gradually start laundering money to the exchange. From the previous process, generally, it will take another 20 layers of transfers and then two The first batch of Bitcoin will enter the exchange within the week. Of course, it is not ruled out that this money laundering has made strategic changes, and we will monitor further.