Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, Xinchain Space, Parity, and the Web3.0 Foundation jointly announced the launch of Web3.0 Bootcamp

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On February 12, Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, Xinchain Space, Parity, and the Web3.0 Foundation officially announced the joint launch of "Web3.0 Bootcamp". Web3.0 Bootcamp is an entrepreneurial training camp and incubation camp focusing on blockchain innovation. It aims to help excellent blockchain projects grow and develop rapidly through resource docking and technical support. Web3.0 Bootcamp will select 12 teams worldwide for 6 months of support and assistance. The team recruitment has now started and will end on March 15, 2020.

Application address: https://bootcamp.parity.io/zh-cn

Web3.0 Bootcamp's current recruitment, docking, support, courses and other tasks will all be carried out online .

Web3.0 Bootcamp is an excellent opportunity for a team that is committed to building the underlying public chain and distributed protocols, and focusing on solving the blockchain's scalability, security, and interoperability. Relying on the superior resources of Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and New Chain Space, as well as the technical and financial support of Parity and Web3.0 Foundation, the selected team will receive guidance, technical support, resource matching and other entrepreneurship from well-known mentors in the industry Services, and can receive training in intellectual property, brand and product marketing, recruitment and human resources, accounting and law, and investor development, and even have the opportunity to directly obtain the funds needed for development.

Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, as China's first non-profit front-end research institution specializing in blockchain technology, has gathered experts in the field to conduct research and discussion on technology research and development, commercial applications, and industrial strategies. Can provide guidance and reference for entrepreneurs. At the same time, the annual Global Blockchain Summit and the Blockchain International Week held by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab also provide a world-class display stage for outstanding entrepreneurial projects. The new chain space under Wanxiang Blockchain is a comprehensive entrepreneurial service platform for fintech entrepreneurial projects, which can provide one-stop entrepreneurial support and guidance for innovation and entrepreneurship teams, including technology, entrepreneurial salons, project road shows, and financing docking.

In addition, the Wanxiang blockchain ecosystem has application scenarios in supply chain finance, automotive logistics, insurance, trust, government public services, smart cities and many other fields, and has multiple landing cases. It was selected by the Web3.0 Bootcamp team , Have the opportunity to directly apply their own technical achievements to actual scenarios, and can obtain the application experience sharing of Wanxiang Blockchain.

In terms of technology, Parity, the next-generation blockchain framework created by Parity, can help developers easily build a complete blockchain of their own, freeing developers from complex underlying technologies, so they only need to focus on their business logic . Projects built on Substrate can be easily connected to the Polkadot network, which can provide developers with a unique shard sharing security model to build specialized parachains and parallel threads. The Web3.0 Foundation and the Parity Asia team will also provide technical training, Substrate technical support, verification node settings, architecture review, global resource docking, etc. to the teams selected for Web3.0 Bootcamp to support the development of each team.

Du Yu, head of Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and Wanxiang Blockchain New Chain Space, said: "I am very glad to have the opportunity to launch such a training camp in cooperation with Parity and the Web3.0 Foundation. Based on our joint resources, Web3.0 Bootcamp is a good opportunity for Chinese local entrepreneurial teams to expand themselves and go global. We also hope that through the cultivation of excellent entrepreneurial projects, the innovation and development of blockchain technology will be accelerated, Everyone is welcome to join. "

Dr. Gavin Wood, founder of Parity, said: "The Web3.0 Bootcamp that we have cooperated with Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and Xinchain Space can quickly train entrepreneurs, especially those who want to build projects on Substrate. I feel that researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs in Asia will have major blockchain innovations this year. We hope to help these local teams connect to the global Web 3.0 ecosystem and deploy global solutions. "

Web3.0 Bootcamp's online application channel has been opened: Visit: https://bootcamp.parity.io/zh-cn to apply.

If you have any questions, please send an email to bootcamp@parity.io for consultation.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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