Australia's national blockchain line diagram raises questions, industry insiders say government doesn't want to deploy blockchain technology in key areas

According to Cointelegraph, Australia ’s announcement of the national block line diagram has not aroused widespread domestic praise, and even caused criticism from some people. Cal Evans, founder of compliance and strategy company Gresham International, said Australia could benefit from the deployment of blockchain in many industries. There are many industries that can be led by the government, including medical, transportation, and defense. But focusing on the wine industry feels more like the Australian government is really unsure of the blockchain and doesn't want to test in key areas such as transportation or defence. Alan Tsen, chairman of the Australian Fintech Association and a member of the federal government's Fintech advisory group, also said in an interview that the roadmap was "lack of vision" and that the so-called use cases read like a consulting company wrote. Prior to the news on February 7, Australia officially announced the national block map. Australian federal government documents show that Australia will focus on three key areas in blockchain investment and development, including: regulations and standards; skills, capabilities and innovation; and international investment and cooperation.