Analysis: Bitcoin may face correction correction, anonymous currency is expected to expand market cap space

BFX.NU research members said today that under the continuous positive stimulation of multiple layers of news, some AltCoins are expected to further expand the market value space. Among them, anonymous tokens such as Dash, XMR, and ZEC have been affected by the Federal Reserve Chairman ’s speech in the early morning. Basic buying is again tough, and it is expected to continue to break through. From the weekly perspective, the BTC expected by the audience has the possibility of correction. It is expected that the growth performance will lag behind the popular currency as a whole. It is recommended that futures investors who benefit early should do some take-profit and swap positions in order to differentiate risks and increase profit space. In the mainstream currency futures sector, 13 types of contracts such as CKB, ONT, and ADA increased significantly in short-term, while 11 types of contracts such as XTZ, BSV, and LTC showed a trend of reducing their positions; the platform currency futures sector saw a significant decline in the overall increase in positions today. Among them, there was a small short-term increase in BNB contracts, while the HT and OKB contracts were significantly lightened, and the overall profit-taking operation increased during the day.