Founder of Grayscale Investment: Central Bank Digital Currency Helps Future Value Proposition of Digital Currency

According to Cointelegraph, Barry Silbert, the founder of Grayscale Investments and blockchain venture capital firm DCG, once again expressed a bullish stance on Bitcoin at the latest investor conference call. Silbert claims to have purchased his first Bitcoin in 2012. He believes that the central bank that develops digital currencies linked to fiat currencies will provide more power to Bitcoin by paving the way for institutional interest. According to him, Bitcoin and other non-central bank cryptocurrencies may ultimately benefit from the same infrastructure that is widely adopted by CBDC. In addition, Silbert believes that the central bank may eventually require users to use existing financial systems and will not limit the supply of digital currencies. Silbert predicts that the CBDC is "not something that will happen in 2020" but will be adopted many years or decades later. He said that the importance of CBDC is that it helps the digital currency's future value proposition.