Chain node live broadcast notice 丨 epidemic situation, what can the blockchain do for us?

New type of coronary pneumonia will start the new year of 2020. In the face of sudden large public events, a large number of companies have also emerged in the blockchain field to donate money and materials to fight the epidemic; but there are also voices that the current assistance seems to not see any "blockchain" color? Under the epidemic, what is the impact on the blockchain industry? What can we do with blockchain technology at the moment?

At 14:00 on February 12, the live broadcaster of the chain node invited Du Juan, the person in charge of Binance Charity Platform, and CTO James of Biyuan Chain, to take us closer to the front line of the Hubei War Epidemic, and understand that blockchain companies have joined charity. How is it different from traditional industries? What can blockchain do for large public events? What are you doing?

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