OKEx invests in research: US $ 390 million pushes BTC to break through strongly, BSV, ETC and other early-stage star currencies are now weak

According to OKEx's quarterly contract data, BTC's heavy volume rose at 11 o'clock last night in Hong Kong time and pulled out of the Dayang line. During the period, the value of contracts traded exceeded US $ 390 million and refreshed its highest since December 18 last year. OKEx analyst Charles believes that the current medium-to-long-term trend of the market is still in a clear bullish pattern. The sharp rise yesterday also ended the short-term adjustment trend. The market sentiment exceeded expectations. The future should continue to be bullish and insist on guiding the operation with multiple ideas. Even if short-term adjustments occur, don't blindly go short. The BTC quarterly contract supports and pays attention to $ 10,600, and the resistance focuses on $ 11,100.