Bitcoin mining difficulty growth slows down, or mining machine upgrade delayed due to new crown pneumonia epidemic

CoinDesk issued a statement today that the slowdown in the growth of Bitcoin mining difficulty indicates that after the new crown pneumonia epidemic prompted Chinese authorities to implement quarantine and quarantine, major mining equipment manufacturers delayed production and delivery, and miners had to suspend upgrading equipment. The data shows that the difficulty of mining was adjusted to 15.55 T on February 11, an increase of 0.52% from January 28. This is a significant decrease compared to the increase rates of January 28 (4.67%) and January 15 (7.08%). In May this year, Bitcoin will usher in its third halving, which may cause miners' operating costs to exceed revenues. Jason Wu, co-founder of crypto-finance startup DeFiner, said: “As it approaches halving, many miners have been phasing out old mining machines and buying new, more powerful models.” For example, since the second half of 2019, mining The tenants have begun to replace old machines such as Antminer S7 and S9 of Bitmain. "The epidemic may have delayed the transition and caused the difficulty of mining to increase slowly." He said that miners are now continuing to run the remaining old machines as the current high bitcoin price makes these businesses profitable while waiting for new models Delivery. Abe Yang, chief operating officer of PandaMiner, said that the slow growth of mining difficulty is good news for existing miners. Mining is like an arms race, and the slow growth of mining difficulty generally means that miners may get higher investment in mining. In return.