Viewpoint: The decentralized, transparent and traceable nature of blockchain technology is suitable for the field of public welfare and charity

According to the China Times, the current blockchain technology is widely used in various industries, and its traceability, immutability and decentralization characteristics seem to provide a possibility for transparency in the field of public welfare and charity. Zheng Xiangzheng, President of Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association, said that from a purely technical perspective, the decentralized, transparent and traceable characteristics of blockchain are particularly suitable for the field of charity. A better solution can be obtained by applying blockchain technology. In the eyes of the industry, donors and recipients cannot effectively reach a consensus, and donated items cannot be delivered to the recipients in a timely manner. These problems can be solved through blockchain technology. Not only that, because each donor on the chain is a node, once the data is changed, more than half of the nodes must agree to it, which can effectively prevent people with malicious intentions from tampering with the information.