Founder of Wikipedia who was forced into a hot spot: BSV is impossible in this life

On February 7, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, stated that Bitcoin SV (BSV) "is of no benefit to Wikipedia and we have zero chance of using it." Yesterday, he expanded the scope of the debate, and blockchain technology was involved. He said:


"We have stored data in the database and it works very well."

Wikipedia founder: Zero possibility with BSV

It all started when Wales agreed to be a guest speaker at the CoinGeek London conference. This seemed to be a mistake in the beginning, because the BSV-backed media regarded Wales's consent as an appreciation of BSV.

The conference organizer took the opportunity to hint that BSV and Wikipedia might cooperate. They stated that no other blockchain has the scalability to handle "the amazing amount of data on Wikipedia".

Wales quickly clarified this misleading message on Twitter. In fact, he said that he did not attend the conference as a BSV supporter, but merely expressed his thoughts. He added that Wikipedia has "zero likelihood" of using BSV.


"Your marketing materials need to be updated immediately-because people seem to think of this as some sort of endorsement of mine. What I want to say is that BSV has no contribution to Wikipedia and we have zero chance of using it."

Although bitcoin supporters may be amused by another rude behavior from the BSV camp, it turns out that Wales is opposed to the concept of blockchain. He noted that Wikipedia does not use blockchain to replace its database.

In addition, the claim that bitcoin transaction records and blockchain technology can help Wikipedia fight illegal content has not wavered him. He says:

"This suggestion-forcing people to strongly agree and pay for the privilege of editing Wikipedia-is a bad idea. And it would be easy and cheap to implement without a blockchain."

He also emphasized the fact that the immutable ledger would violate the core principles of Wikipedia:

"It is important that records can be changed. Removing this feature would be bad."

Real application scenarios of blockchain

The Wikipedia founder's views opened a wider debate. There are many application scenarios for blockchain technology, from reducing costs and transaction time in the financial sector, to eradicating voter fraud, and eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain.

However, we must admit that there are many other technologies that do well. Wales's direct comments won a lot of support, and some netizens said:

"I like common sense in a tech world that is full of buzzwords and contentless hype."

It was also pointed out:

"Blockchains are useful only in the following situations:

Need distributed consensus

2. Need pure data items

3. Time is not strict

4. Between distrusting parties

5. There are known minimum fraud costs

If these five situations are not met at the same time, don't use the blockchain. " Still, publicity is good or bad. Regardless of whether he supports blockchain technology, Wales may help increase attendance at the February 20 meeting.