If you halve, you will appreciate. Half a bitcoin is more valuable?


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Students who want to understand the blockchain

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Speaking of hot spots in 2020

Bitcoin halving is the number one hot topic

To understand the halving event

We have to start with Bitcoin's mysterious dad


Satoshi Nakamoto, the father of Bitcoin. After the invention of Bitcoin, he gradually faded out of people's vision. Due to his perfect confidentiality, no one can confirm his true identity so far

The original intention of Satoshi Nakamoto to invent Bitcoin

I hope to invent one

Currency not under anyone's control

Different from the U.S. dollar and soft sister coin that the country can issue indefinitely

Limited total amount of Bitcoin

And transactions are completed point-to-point directly

And the way to get Bitcoin is "mining"

As for the mining process, we can understand it this way




To promote this currency early

Satoshi Nakamoto set up for Bitcoin

" The person who digs me first gets more" attribute

Simply put, a new block is generated every ten minutes

And the math problems in the seal block will become more and more difficult

Can be unlocked with a personal computer in the beginning

But as the difficulty increases

Need to use a more professional mining machine to unlock

At the same time every 210,000 blocks are generated (about 4 years)

Block reward is reduced by half

In other words, we say that Bitcoin is halved

Initially, the reward in each block was 50 Bitcoins

In 2012, the first halving occurred

Rewards became 25

After another four years, it became 12.5

Four more years have passed, this year

Block rewards will be halved again in May to 6.25


At this time, there may be a really cute expression that tears the paper to play.

A piece of paper can be torn in half as long as I want

So according to this principle, can Bitcoin be halved indefinitely?

Since the total amount of Bitcoin is limited

So to a certain number of years

Block reward will be halved to infinitely low

Actually, 21 million bitcoins will not exist in the strict sense.

According to Bitcoin's supply formula

The actual number of Bitcoins is 20,999,999.9796


According to the setting of the halving mechanism

All Bitcoins will be mined in 2140

Here we are not hard to find

The halving mechanism is actually an early operating solution for Bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto adopted this "early bird effect"

Attracting the earliest seed users for Bitcoin


Most of these early users were tech homes, geeks

Many of them are in later blockchain history

Left a thick stroke


A little brother named Laszlo, who used 1w bitcoin for his favorite stick! John Pizza and upload photos online

And the reason why the halving caused extremely high heat

It ’s because after the first two halvings,

The market has ushered in a wave of super prices

The first time was November 28, 2012

After the 210,000th block is generated

Block reward changed from 50 to 25

Over the next year

Coin price all the way from $ 12.3

Until the peak of $ 1175 on November 30, 2013

It is worth mentioning that the difficulty of mining increased during this period

The era of personal computer mining is basically over

The rise of specialized mines


The second halving took place on July 9, 2016

After the 420,000th block is generated

Block reward changed from 25 to 12.5

Niu God is coming again, pulling Bitcoin from $ 654, another wave of rush

Reached an all-time high of $ 19891 on December 16, 2017


The highest price of the currency that has not been broken so far

From historical data, after each halving

Bitcoin prices have indeed ushered in a wave of rise

So people halved the third coming

Have various conjectures

But the fact that the halving will definitely bring a bull market is not true.

Even the only weak link between the two

Only changes in supply and demand

From another perspective, although Bitcoin has skyrocketed,

But the overall trend is upward

So no matter what time

There will basically be a rising trend around here

So there is no necessary connection between halving and the bull market.

It ’s just that the first two halvings have coincided with a sharp rise.

And investors sincerely hope to find a certain law in the ups and downs of the k-line.

But even if we can do a comprehensive summary

No one can guarantee accurate prediction

Maybe this is the charm of the market.

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