Bithumb fined 30 million won for leaking customer information

According to, Bithumb's actual operating entity has been fined for allegedly leaking a large amount of customer information, causing the leakage of personal information files of approximately 31,000 customers and the loss of approximately 7 billion won worth of cryptocurrency (violating the Information and Communication Network Act) and was fined 30 million won.

Bithumb was stolen by a hack in April 2017, which hacked and sent users an email containing a malicious program. At the time, a user's personal information files stored on his personal PC were not encrypted, and no protection was installed on the PC to prevent malicious programs. From May to October of the same year, Bithumb suffered a cyber attack, and 7 billion won worth of cryptocurrency held by 243 customers was stolen. Prosecutors believe that Bithumb should block even if abnormal connections continue to occur (for example, too many connections to the same IP), and because the customer did not take action (even when reporting a hacker attack), he did not take steps to find out the cause, notify or report Destroy the situation, so damage has increased.