Data: Bitcoin futures market trading volume reaches $ 3 trillion in 2019

According to the AMBCrypto report, according to the latest TokenInsight report, the top 40 exchanges dominate the total annual trading volume, accounting for nearly 82% of the entire market (including 254 exchanges). In terms of bitcoin's trading volume, this ratio has dropped to 48.29%, a significant drop from the 80% that dominated during the 2017 bull market. This difference indicates that over time, the credibility of other crypto assets has increased as traders are also focusing on other major "altcoins." In 2019, with the increase of institutional investment, paving the way for a substantial improvement in futures trading volume, futures trading has received a major boost. According to TokenInsight data, the average daily transaction volume for the full year of 2019 is approximately $ 8.5 billion, and the total transaction volume for the full year reaches $ 3 trillion. The launch of new futures exchanges (Binance and Bakkt) has played an important role in such gains, but BitMEX will continue to occupy an important position in the market for most of 2019. The BitMEX exchange accounted for 99.94% of the total transaction volume, while Bakkt only accounted for 0.06% in the fourth quarter of 2019.