US business research institute BI predicts 2020: Libra will not be officially released, China will release digital currency

The US business research organization Business Insider (BI) predicted in the recently released "2020 Important Technology Trends Forecast Report" that Libra will not be listed in 2020, but China will release digital currency, which will promote the issuance plans of other countries . BI said it still has confidence in launching Libra, but since the project has been criticized, we don't think it will be launched in 2020. At the same time, China will launch its own encryption technology in 2020 and lead some other countries to accelerate this process. Although Facebook's encryption plan looks bleak, the People's Bank of China is close to launching its own encryption scheme: it started researching the business in 2018, and in August this year it was reported that encryption technology was "coming soon." We expect this to happen in 2020, as two cities have already started testing digital currencies. This will prompt relevant departments in other countries, especially the Bank of England and the European Central Bank (Sweden is the current pioneer) to take measures to avoid falling behind China.