Opinion: After the epidemic, blockchain will lead 15 new employment models



A sudden outbreak of a new coronavirus, which opened in 2020, gave each of us a head start, and the whole society was forced to press the pause button.

Many SME entrepreneurs are filled with fear, anxiety, powerlessness, helplessness, and even some entrepreneurs pessimistically think, "Maybe you and I will be bankrupted for a month or two."

As everyone knows, "Every crisis is a blessing", every crisis has hidden opportunities. The greater the crisis, the greater the chance!

In 2003, physical stores upgraded e-commerce due to SARS;

In 2020, the centralized office will be distributed and coordinated due to the new crown epidemic situation;

Blockchain business value and rules such as remote collaboration, open source governance, token incentives, autonomous organizations, distributed commerce, and distributed office have brought new opportunities to business organizations.

In this special column, 13 blockchain industry talent think tank experts will share online themes and systematically output daily reflections and suggestions in a specific field to inspire and inspire SMEs and business organizations caught in the epidemic crisis. stand by! Get 13 free live lessons for everyone!

The guidance unit for this column is the Blockchain Industry Talent Research Institute of the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is sponsored by the Blockchain Industry Talent Think Tank, Huoxun Finance, and Chainman International.

The Blockchain Industry Talent Think Tank is jointly initiated by the Blockchain Industry Talent Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Blockchain Industry Talent Research Institute, Tsinghua x-lab, Securities Daily, the Fujian Blockchain Association, and Huoxun Finance To gather experts from various fields to build an open ecosystem that is coordinated with the government-industry-industrial-research application of the blockchain.

On the evening of February 11th, Zhang Xiaoyuan, the head of the Industrial Blockchain Industry Talent Research Institute, the Secretary-General of the Blockchain Industry Talent Think Tank, and the founder of the Chainman International, were guests of the TALK.



Zhang Xiaoyuan, head of the Institute of Blockchain Industry Talent Research, Secretary-General of the Blockchain Industry Talent Think Tank, and founder of Chainman International:

· In the medium and long term, even if the epidemic can be controlled quickly, its impact on employment will continue for a period of time, affecting not only the employment stock, but also the employment increase.

· After this epidemic, the demand for blockchain posts has further contracted, the gap between supply and demand should be larger, job competition will also increase, and there may be a situation where hundreds of people are seeking jobs.

· Blockchain will lead 5 new employment models: 1. Transfer of offline recruitment to online; 2. Distributed office; 3. Inter-industry alliance cooperation; 4. "House economy" emerges; 5. Unmanned distribution.

· With the more integration of blockchain and human resources, there may be more and more chances that each practitioner's work experience and the multi-dimensional evaluation tags of the acquired skills will be recorded on the chain.

· Blockchain and other integrated "black technology" systems allow "unmanned economy" to achieve leapfrog development. Similar positions will require practitioners who master blockchain technology.

· If the blockchain industry started to have a real inflection point, the bubble dispersed, and real guns fighting, then God has also given us an inflection point for mental preparation. We started to think about what can really carry this industry. Don't look at what others have done that you can't, but think quietly, what you can do, what you should do. As long as it is determined, no matter how small it is, we must be down-to-earth, accept the arrangement of believing in life, and be good at the moment.


Interview Record

Moderator Zhao Yidan, editor-in-chief of Huoxun Finance: Good evening, everyone! Thank you for watching the special section of the blockchain industry talent think tank of Huoxun TALK! The theme of this special column is "How does blockchain help business and organizational innovation under the epidemic?"

Tonight's sharing guests are: Zhang Xiaoyuan, the head of the CITIC Blockchain Industry Talent Research Institute, the Secretary-General of the Blockchain Industry Talent Think Tank, and the founder of Chainren International. The theme she shared was "Blockchain Leading New Employment Models".

Sister Yuan is also one of the main planners of our special program. On February 2nd, the 9th day of the New Year, while the epidemic is still spreading, Sister Yuan suggested that we can plan a block under the epidemic together. Series of the chain. Today's sharing, she is also very serious, prepared a full 11-page sharing draft, moved by her heart.

Zhang Xiaoyuan: The dark clouds can block the sun, the blue sky remains; the epidemic can restrict freedom, and the heart field remains. I hope that we can do what we can do together and use our way to feel like a blue sky and a flying geese together.

My sharing theme today is: "Job Market Under the Epidemic" and "Blockchain Leading New Employment Model", which is mainly divided into three parts:

First, the development of the epidemic, the impact we see on the economy and the job market;

Second, what impact the epidemic may have on blockchain employment;

Third, what role does blockchain play in the new employment model?


The impact of the epidemic on the economy has become a consensus

Zhang Xiaoyuan: First, the impact of the epidemic on China's economy and job market. The economic impact of the epidemic has become a consensus. In particular, companies engaged in offline business have been hit hard. Not only cannot start work on time, but also need to bear high labor and management costs. Catering giant Xibei is expected to lose 700-800 million a month before and after the Spring Festival, with more than 20,000 employees waiting for employment. Loan payment can only last for 3 months! There are more than 400 chain stores, and only more than 100 take-away stores are kept open, and the rest are closed. Haidilao is expected to lose 5 billion yuan, and the time for resumption of work is distant.

Brother Brand, one of the largest domestic IT offline training institutions for 13 years of brand building, has declared bankruptcy and terminated the labor contract with all employees. The well-known entertainment company k song king dismissed all employees. The tourism loss is expected to exceed one trillion … Everyone is thinking of breaking the game and rebirth, exploring opportunities at risk. The change in business form will also inevitably change the current pattern of the job market.

Since it is still in the critical period of the epidemic, it is not easy to say how much the negative impact of the new crown virus on China ’s economy and the employment market, but we have found some data on the economic and employment impact of SARS for reference:

1. In the four quarters of 2003, GDP growth rates were 11.1%, 9.1%, 10%, and 10%, and the annual GDP growth rate reached 10%. In addition, from the actual GDP growth rate data from 2000 to 2006, the impact of SARS is hardly seen.

2. It cannot be predicted that the epidemic will have a small impact on the economy in 2020. However, the resilience of consumption is also very strong, and new economies and new businesses are also being brewed and matured, which will not have a serious impact in the long run.

I have here an overseas organization's estimate of China's economic growth this year. The values ​​in parentheses are the previous values:

3. In terms of employment: some industries affected by SARS are labor-intensive industries, with a large proportion of employment. For example, the wholesale and retail trade catering industry provided 47 million jobs at that time, accounting for 6.5% of the national employment stock.

In the medium and long term, even if the epidemic can be controlled quickly, its impact on employment will continue for a period of time, affecting not only the employment stock, but also the employment increase. Because companies need a certain amount of time to resume business and restore benefits, adjusting and optimizing business and organizational structures according to specific conditions will also greatly affect the recruitment progress. The number of corporate recruitment positions in the first week of returning to work after the Spring Festival (February 3-10) decreased by 71.66% compared with the same period in 2019. Job seekers were more sensitive to the impact of the epidemic, and the number of resume submissions dropped sharply by 83.35%. At the same time, the proportion of job vacancies in related industries providing professional services / consulting for enterprises, pharmaceutical / biological engineering industry, and online education industry increased.


After the epidemic, the blockchain job market may face a situation of one hundred jobs

Zhang Xiaoyuan: What are the possible effects of the epidemic on blockchain employment. As a blockchain practitioner, I think everyone should feel that it is affected, but not as severely impacted as the catering, tourism, hotel, retail, and housing leasing. Thanks to the online office we are used to, Communication, cooperation model.

1. Enterprise impact:

1) Enterprise shutdown and business shutdown:

Many blockchain companies are SMEs and do not have sufficient funds. Some rely on government dividends to provide offline services, offline training, and companies that love to run clubs, as well as hardware sales and after-sales services, and technology service providers. Businesses face business shutdowns and employee unemployment.

2) Corporate recruitment needs tightened

In order to minimize losses, reduce labor costs, and reduce recruitment requirements, blockchain companies must be the fastest and most cost-effective way to save costs in a short period of time.

It is difficult to say the time for resuming work offline. The rent, the wages of the employees are paid, and the cash flow required for a company with more than ten employees to stop for a month, at least 200,000 to 300,000. We all hope to work together with employees, not abandon or abandon. In a special period, the company did not abandon the abandoning employees and take on social responsibility. This is an admirable responsibility. However, care for employees must also be based on the survival of the company. It is difficult to say the time for resuming work offline. The rent and wages of employees must be paid according to the company. The company with more than 10 employees needs at least 200,000 to 300,000 cash flows for a month of suspension. Everyone opened their eyes every day, and the holiday was a few days longer. As soon as the boss opened their eyes, the money burned tens of thousands more. Needless to say redundant posts, some chicken ribs with low added value will inevitably bear the brunt. This is also a test of whether employees can improve their comprehensive capabilities.

2. Job Seeker Impact: Longer Job Search Cycles

Years ago was the peak of the job-hopping for blockchain practitioners, and now I just hope that the original job can be resumed smoothly. The large-scale job fair was cancelled, and the school recruitment was postponed.

It will be a long winter for job-hunting troops who are preparing to join the year after. However, job seekers can also see it as a good opportunity to learn and enrich themselves.

Last time the chain mentioned that the blockchain job market has entered a "defoaming" stage, and the number of job seekers is 7.12 times that of posts. After this epidemic, the demand for jobs has further contracted, and the gap between supply and demand should have been larger. The competition for job hunting will also increase, and there may be a situation where hundreds of people are seeking jobs. Increased job seeker passiveness.

3. Employee impact: can you be alone

In terms of working from home, previously Huobi President Yuan Ruijuan and Jinshan Yun Zhujiang always shared the advantages and disadvantages of employees working from home. Whether you are working from home or extending your vacation, it is a personal challenge that tests whether we can perfectly balance home and work, control our emotions, and whether we can complete our work autonomously and efficiently.

Although blockchain is a cutting-edge technology, blockchain companies have very little experience working from home, so this is also a great challenge and opportunity to exercise, especially to test teamwork. Regular meetings within the team are necessary. The company's overall goals, the KPIs of each department, what state the progress is in, how the data is displayed, and whether it can achieve the same effect on the site all need to be layered, organized, targeted, and efficient. For everyone, the ability to think systematically, refine, express, understand, and handle things independently is a great challenge, and it is an opportunity for outstanding employees to stand out.


Blockchain will lead 5 new employment models

Zhang Xiaoyuan: Next, we will also see what new employment models will be brought about by the huge changes in the job market, and how will the blockchain lead the new employment models?

Third, how the blockchain will lead the new employment model. After this battle, it is expected that there will be new characteristics, new changes and new trends in the enterprise and job market.

1. Offline recruitment shifts to online. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education, the National Health and Health Commission and other 5 ministries and commissions issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control" on February 5 (link: http://www.mohrss.gov. cn / SYrlzyhshbzb / jiuye / zcwj / 202002 / t20200205_358141.html ), clearly stipulated that it is necessary to promote and optimize online recruitment services, suspend on-site recruitment and cross-regional labor service collaboration; implement video recruitment, remote interviews, dynamic post information and accelerate China Public Recruitment Network ( http://job.mohrss.gov.cn ) gathers and implements the online spring breeze action of "no employment services, no online recruitment nonstop".

Online recruitment has no access to real people, but it has higher communication efficiency and wider screening scope than offline. Companies and interviewers are not limited by time and space, saving transportation and cross-region costs. The pain points of online recruitment are how to accurately screen and match, and credibility. Therefore, Chainren International has also been working hard to develop and solve the problem of matching the talent pool with the job pool. Online recruitment will also be combined with the online blockchain talent database that our chain is currently building, making the talent pool and job pool highly Matching and credible.

Blockchain technology can provide a new way to check educational background proofs; with public block link points, the data stored in the blockchain time stamp cannot be rewritten and tampered with at any time, so that recruiters can have full access to employment Records, background checks and educational qualifications can save time, increase efficiency, speed up potential hiring rates, and close vacant positions within valid time. With the more integration of blockchain and human resources, it is likely that the multi-dimensional evaluation tags of each practitioner's work experience and acquired skills will be recorded on the chain more and more frequently. Work experience and skills corroborate each other and cannot be faked. In turn, job seekers can also see which companies have their resumes viewed, retrieve which positions their skills match, and what room for improvement.

2. Distributed office. Online tools and collaborative office will usher in the spring. The government affairs on-chain that has been discussed for a long time will also accelerate the pace. I think that everyone has experienced a handful of existing online office tools through recent attempts. The most basic and important information synchronization and remote collaboration of distributed office is actually quite difficult. To work well, we must first sharpen our tools. The optimization of remote office tools must be based on new technology clusters such as consensus mechanisms, cloud computing, and 5G data. This is something that Zhu Jiang always said in the first issue. clear.

It is conceivable that with distributed office experience and proficiency in online tools, it will become a very necessary skill in the future. On the other hand, distributed office can generate more quantifiable data, which is convenient for the company to record and quantify the participation of employees. The project data of employees' participation are all on the chain. .

3. Inter-industry alliance cooperation. Recently, the cooperation model of Hema and Yunhai cuisine has grabbed the limelight: leasing employees.

Hema's move can be said to return to the essence of "Human Resource": talent itself is a resource. Since it is a resource, it can of course be replaced. This is also a manifestation of the sharing economy: can temporarily idle employees share? Of course, the epidemic is an emergency, and office workers who can't be thundered all year round must not be leased. But Hema's move provided us with a good idea: Can industries share employees in peak and low seasons? If so, how to ensure that the workload and KPIs of mobile employees are reflected objectively and fairly?

The blockchain's proof-of-work mechanism has given us an inspiration: whether we can also implement another form of "proof-of-work", allowing employee data to be chained in all directions and comprehensively recording employee output, so that the value of employees can be more Well quantified? Based on the weighted KPI indicators, before "sharing" employees, companies can view the employees' past work data for the first time, so that they can make decisions about which positions to adapt to, and effectively solve the "corporal vegetarian meals" and "big tails."

4. The "House Economy" emerged. It is mainly reflected in three areas: big entertainment, online education, and cloud office. House economy, house business, and house office saw a collective climax during the epidemic. When various self-entertainment and self-entertainment brushed the screen, knowledge payment and online education were fully popularized. Regarding how the blockchain is integrated into online education, Gu Yanxi has already talked about it, and everyone can check it out in Gu's share.

5. Unmanned delivery. The epidemic will have a transformative impact on industries that require “face-to-face contact”, such as community convenience, unmanned containers, unmanned distribution, unmanned retail, fresh food distribution, etc., which have very good development opportunities and opportunities.

Blockchain technology is expected to create a system that can be used by various stakeholders in the commercial drone ecosystem. There have been cases of combining blockchain and drones. It can carry out drone logistics tracking; guarantee the drone system traffic management platform; it can also intelligently share drones to help regulate and control the rational use of drones. The combination of blockchain bookkeeping and unmanned retail has also obtained multiple patents.

Traditional industries have redundant employment, so new jobs and new demand will definitely emerge in new industries. The "unmanned economy" scenario is becoming increasingly abundant, and integrated "black technology" systems such as blockchain enable the "unmanned economy" to achieve leapfrog development. Similar positions will require practitioners mastering blockchain technology.

Finally, echoing the beginning of this article, what kind of mentality and what do we need to do to get through this difficult period?

From a certain point of view, the black swan incident of the epidemic is a long-term exposure of hidden dangers that may take longer to resolve.

New crown pneumonia may be a "severe cold" for patients with strong immunity, and it may be fatal for patients with weak immunity and basic diseases.

The impact of the epidemic is similar for different enterprises and employees. If the foundation is unstable, it is easy to fall down suddenly in case of an accident.

Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, this is a process of cognitive upgrade.

The reason why many companies always struggle at the survival level is often because of tactical diligence to cover up strategic laziness.

The epidemic brought crisis, but to review and review its own business logic as soon as possible, and force an upgrade, is the right way to "endanger the" seeking "opportunity." The same goes for personal career planning.

In this particular period, practitioners are under tremendous pressure. Huobi Group's Yuan Ruijuan has just shared the experience just a few days ago. And now everything is new, the boss is using your innovation, extraordinary effort, ability to assume and solve problems. Entrepreneurs are under tremendous test. They need brainstorming strategy, business transformation, clear direction, control cost, improve internal hematopoietic ability, appease the team, communicate with shareholders, find money, help with noble people, find cooperation, and maintain relationships. . Faced with such an environment for the first time, my inner anxiety is powerless, and I have no experience to follow.

Life is continuous learning and growth, and maturity of life is forced to accept and change again and again. The helpless force is forced to come as soon as possible. It is often difficult to see yourself when it is very easy. Only in adversity can you be willing to accept the arrangement of life, and you can continuously adjust internally, quickly upgrade the level of consciousness, and have a larger Ability and mental strength to fight monsters and turn adversity into beneficial situations. If the blockchain industry is starting to have a real inflection point, the bubble is gone, and real guns are fighting, then God has also given us an inflection point for mental preparation. We start to think about what can really carry this industry?

Don't look at what others have done that you can't, but think quietly, what you can do, what you should do. As long as it is determined, no matter how small it is, we must be down-to-earth, accept the arrangement of believing in life, and be good at the moment. Wait for us to live on, and to see this darkest moment when the peak turns, it must be more valuable and weightier than our peak and highlight moments, and it is worth our reflection …


Interactive survey

In the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak will sweep across China.

During the extraordinary period, the company and every ordinary employee are under tremendous pressure, and some people even said pessimistically: "Perhaps you and I will be bankrupt for a month or two."

In the face of a sluggish market, anxious companies and individuals, we feel the same; but the blockchain industry talent think tank is also actively thinking, because anxiety and anxiety cannot help us solve problems; only by returning to reason and acting quickly can we face difficulties , Change from passive to active.

Here, the blockchain industry talent think tank calls for:

All enterprises in the whole society unite, in response to the call of the country, actively seek effective measures to promote business, ensure production, and stabilize jobs, seek effective ways of unity and co-creation, and cooperation in different industries. And other companies to help employees and overcome difficulties! Protect yourself, protect your employees, and not disturb the country and society!

Our blockchain industry talent think tank will actively help everyone to provide information and matchmaking. Please ask the person in charge of the enterprise and the person in charge of the relevant requirements to scan your requirements and fill in the bottom link and QR code.

I also hope to see all the netizens in this article to help forward and contribute to the prevention of the epidemic loss and mutual assistance of enterprises!


We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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