Hedge funds short Zcash and XRP to hear what they say

Original source: dailyhodl ; forbes

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A hedge fund with a customer return of 143% over the past two years is shorting Zcash and XRP.

Multicoin Capital co-founders Kyle Samani and Tushar Jain said in a Forbes report that they believe Zcash will be worthless within two years. Studies show that few of zcash's users take advantage of its core privacy features. To make matters worse, other cryptocurrency platforms such as Ethereum are replicating zcash's privacy technology.

They also believe that Ripple's token XRP is too volatile to be used by banks and large financial institutions, which limits its usefulness. Although they believe that Ripple's payment transmission system is better than the existing ones, the company has no incentive to use XRP to transfer money.

One of the fund's founders, Samani, mentioned a bear market case about XRP in a 2017 column.

"XRP serves two purposes: to pay fees on the Ripple network and as a" bridge currency "for value transfer between any two institutions without a trust relationship. However, for the normal operation of the network, its token XRP is fundamental not necessary……

Compared with traditional financial infrastructure, Ripple network is more superior as a payment transmission system. However, it is not possible for rational financial institutions to use XRP as a reserve currency to settle transactions, because by definition, XRP has less liquidity than BTC, which has global reserves. " On the other side, Samani and Jain are bullish on Bitcoin and BNB as they are working to avoid tribalism in the crypto space. In April 2019, Multicoin made one of the boldest bets, using 15% of its portfolio to buy BNB, and Binance's innovative products impressed the founders of Multicoin, including user-managed Decentralized exchange. Binance quickly gained market share in cryptocurrency exchanges.

In June 2019, after Binance announced that the new exchange was in compliance with U.S. law, its tokens rose to $ 40, giving Multicoin an eight-fold gain.

Multicoin has outperformed the market in the past two years. According to Crunchbase data , Multicoin Capital has raised $ 101.5 million since February 2019.

Multicoin's views on currencies such as BTC, BNB, XRP, and Zcash are as follows: