Instead of gaining weight, build a knowledge map of the blockchain in 7 days and 14 hours | Babbitt Industry Welcome Orientation

This Spring Festival, I went to visit my grandmother's house for the New Year.

I removed the tableware, and the aunt who has taught mathematics in elementary school for more than 30 years pulled me aside and looked at me and said, "Tell me what blockchain is." The sincere look is like a summer vacation. Those students who make up classes in his home.

At that moment, I was sincere and fearful, and sad and happy.

First, for so many years, he has always taught me.

Secondly, the wind of the blockchain has caught the town of Didi Taxi or something new with lightning.

Third, although I am a Babbitt journalist who has been in the rivers and lakes of blockchain and digital currency for many years, I want to learn everything I learned, but I don't know where to start.

In 3 hours, this was the longest conversation I had with Twenty years. He was full of joy, as if he was fortunate to step into a new world when he retired.

In the past six months, many practitioners have asked me to recommend professional books or video courses.

They frankly said that although I am in the blockchain industry, I don't know how the industry can break the game, how financial innovation can be achieved, how wealth can grow, how to transform my career, and even I can't figure out the blockchain technology itself. Come.

Outsiders are curious to look inside. People in the circle seem to understand or not understand. This may be the common feeling of many people about the blockchain.

Rising fields, opportunities for accelerated growth

When many people are still curious and skeptical, the blockchain has stood in front of them and has become a trend.

In the past six months, you must have been hurt by the "blockchain".

You will see that on the news webcast, promoting blockchain technology is already a national strategy. It seems that if you do not understand blockchain, you are out of date, but what kind of practical effect can new technologies have on the industry?

You will find that many products such as Alipay Wufu and Tmall International are marked with blockchain, and subversion has become a synonym for blockchain. How can companies seize this opportunity to grow rapidly?

You will be surprised that the price of bitcoin surpassed $ 10,000 in the past two days has quietly made it on Weibo ’s hot search and media headlines. It seems that without buying a bit of digital currency, you have missed the opportunity of rapid growth in wealth, but how do ordinary people get on this high-speed train? ?

Well-known product expert Liang Ning once said that if you work harder, your salary income will be far worse than buying Tencent stocks before 2013, or buying a Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou house in 2010. why? Because the former is the result of a little effort, the latter is attached to a rapidly rising field, and the gain is a linear industry cycle.

In 2020, it is imperative to overcome the technical difficulties of blockchain and strengthen the application landing. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an opportunity of rapid rise in the industry and investment.

You and I are already in it.

9 years of accumulation and condensing into a big lesson, seven big coffees to teach each other in seven days

Since 2020, Babbitt is trying to complete a challenge. We use 9 years of industry accumulation to create a complete knowledge map of the blockchain for you, allowing you to reach the insights, business insights, and investment opportunities of the blockchain. It is the Babbitt industry class, that is, "Began to learn series-seeing the blockchain industry in 2020, what should you pay most attention to".

In the past month, we have contacted more than 7 entrepreneurs and observers in the blockchain field to design this industrial class together. The industrial course is divided into 7 modules, rapid entry, dialectical thinking, big factory entry, innovation and breakthrough, practical knowledge, business investment and financial structure. These seven dimensions will build a comprehensive knowledge system for the blockchain for you.

From February 25th to March 2nd, every day from 7 to 9 pm, seven practitioners from different fields are willing to be "paid people" of the era. They will live broadcast and PPT to reflect their experiences and thoughts. , Share with participants using 1 hour sharing and 1 hour Q & A.

they are:

Tang Xialing, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Babbitt, Ling Ting Blockchain Sponsor

Meng Yan, Deputy Dean of Digital Asset Research Institute

Ma Shitao, Chief Solution Architect, Ant Blockchain

Huang Butian, Founder of Cloud Elephant Blockchain

Xu Yutao, Chief Innovation Consultant, Microsoft Omnichannel Business Unit

Xu Yingkai, founder of BlockVC

Hu Jie, Practice Professor, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

Attend the Babbitt Industry Class and you will get:

1. 7 industry leaders a week, professional output 2 hours a day;

2. The big coffee teacher shares online to sort out the industry knowledge for you;

3. Community learning, grouping with the people who love to learn in the industry;

4. High-quality industry resources. Big coffees will be invited from time to time to share.

Learning and not learning, happy times will eventually pass, but learning will always change your view of the world.

At the moment when the new coronavirus epidemic is raging, our bodies can't travel far, but our hearts can calm down and take longer trips. This should be the best opportunity for people who want to learn blockchain technology, continuously upgrade their self-awareness, and break through the limitations of knowledge.

Instead of gaining weight at home, spend 7 days and 14 hours with us, with enthusiasm and hard work, to welcome 2020 and the new world of blockchain.

Babbitt Industry Welcome Class, the original price is 399 yuan / person, the current price is 199 yuan / person.

See you online on the 25th!

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