Donation, medical treatment, rescue, community prevention and control, can blockchain become a new weapon to fight the epidemic?

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Author: surging News intern reporter Ye Ying Zheng Ge charge

The prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has become the top priority of current social governance. Can the blockchain play any role in it?

Application in charity and donation

According to Xinhua News Agency, on February 10th, a charity donation platform based on blockchain technology launched by a number of companies led by China Xiong'an Group Digital City Company and FunChain Technology Company was launched. This blockchain charitable donation traceability platform utilizes the alliance's blockchain network to make the entire donation process public on the chain, tamper-proof, traceable, and accept public supervision.

Cai Liang, deputy dean of the Software School of Zhejiang University and executive deputy director of the Blockchain Research Center of Zhejiang University, told Peng Mei News that blockchain has three major characteristics: distributed, difficult to tamper with, and traceable. This technology is naturally sensitive to data. The challenges of "difficulty in demand, difficult to donate, and hard to believe" in the fight against the epidemic can be applied to solve the issues of fairness and openness of charitable donation information and provide technical solutions for rebuilding trust .

Xiao Feng, chairman and general manager of Wanxiang Blockchain, believes that the governance of public affairs often requires the mutual communication, mutual certification, and sharing of information between multiple parties, and this mutual communication, mutual certification, and sharing must have low trust costs and be timely, efficient, and effective. Credible. The most basic technical feature of the distributed ledger is that data can be added by the participating parties, and the participating parties mutually authenticate and recognize each other to achieve irreversible and irrevocable. Information disclosure, certification, and traceability in public affairs governance is one of the best blockchain applications.

In the medical and rescue field, how is blockchain applied?

For the application of blockchain in the medical field, Cai Liang believes that efforts will be spent in peacetime. The country's positioning of the high-tech construction of block chain technology and pointed out the application focus of block chain + social governance. If a new social governance model is established based on the block chain, there may be some outstanding problems that can be better solved.

"Blockchain is an external technology addition that is applicable to current medical and public welfare scenarios. This technology can be used to optimize the process of medical and public welfare. For example, applying blockchain technology to the management of medical data and improving operational efficiency To make the first-hand real data more accurate, more transparent and credible; the application of blockchain technology in the traceability of medical supplies and medicines can curb counterfeiting of medical supplies and medicines, said Cai Liang.

However, in the rescue, Pei Qingqi, director of the Blockchain at Southwestern University of Electronic Science and Technology, pointed out that in an emergency, I am afraid to use the distributed model to implement rescue. He said: "My personal feeling. The use of blockchain to build a trust ecology has increased the cost of dishonesty, but the cost of establishment has undoubtedly increased. In order to respond quickly, it is more appropriate to centralize the deployment, because it also involves The problem of accountability. For example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. are generated in a distributed manner, but most of the transactions have to be traded on a centralized exchange, because once a distributed exchange trades, if there is a problem , There is no chance to defend rights. Therefore, if blockchain technology is used in similar scenarios, his premise must be that the ecology is relatively complete before it can play a better effect. "

Blockchain technology has natural advantages in community prevention and control

On February 10, Chen Yueliang, the director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs ’grass-roots government construction and community governance department, called for large-scale online companies such as Tencent and Alibaba to develop community prevention and control software at a news conference.

In this regard, Cai Liang believes that blockchain technology has a natural advantage in community prevention and control. He said: "The implementation of community prevention and control must be precise and efficient. Blockchain technology has its natural advantages in these two aspects. For example, combined with the" traceable and non-tamperable "characteristics of blockchain, precise management (personnel registration, Community entrance jurisdiction) and dynamic monitoring (the linkage monitoring system accurately locates the geographic location of community personnel, etc.) can help improve the effectiveness of prevention and control. "

Future application possibilities

Pei Qingqi told the surging news reporter: "The ecology of the blockchain has not yet been formed, and the application is still scarce, so the support that can be given is relatively limited, but this time it should point out a direction for the application of the blockchain."

In addition to community prevention and control, Pei Qingqi is also thinking about the possibility of other applications. "Actually, I have been thinking, but I don't want to understand, which applications need to be open and transparent and support synchronous accounting and reconciliation? Which scenarios need to quickly establish trust in an untrusted environment? Which scenarios need to be automated?" "In it, obviously we need the first point and the third point, but if the system has not been deployed and the ecology has not been formed before, it cannot support emergency events."

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