Voice beta will be available tomorrow, official email reminds

According to IMEOS news, this morning, the vast majority of users who have previously applied for the Voice Beta version have received the official Voice email. The email mainly mentioned the following:

1. Voice will go live tomorrow. Initially, the Voice beta will be released to people living in the United States, and then gradually promoted to the world;

2. All content displayed on the Voice Beta will only be visible to logged-in users, and it is expected that there will be revisions in the future;

3. Voice tokens received by users during the test period are non-transferable and will be reset afterwards (testers will have additional test rewards);

4. Due to the need to frequently adjust and improve Voice, when we are performing maintenance, 404 may appear, please do not worry;

5. Authentic authentication is an important part of Voice. We will use HooYu to confirm your identity: a. Is a real person, b. Lives in the United States