Data show: ETH is still strong

At 8 o'clock on February 13th, Beijing time, the ChaiNext 100 index reflecting the overall trend of the cryptocurrency market was reported at 998.14 points, up 2.61% in the past 24 hours, and the turnover was 100.988 billion US dollars. 80 of them rose and 20 fell; the ChaiNext 5 index, which reflects the performance of the blue-chip cryptocurrency in the broader market, was reported at 849.01 points, up 2.58% in the past 24 hours, with a turnover of US $ 79.622 billion, and the transaction increased 18.86% over the previous 24 hours. BBI index) was reported at 86.72 points, which has increased by 0.25% in the past 24 hours; the USDT OTC Index (USDT OTC Index) was reported at 101.58 points, which was increased by 1.04% in the past 24 hours. In the early hours of Beijing time this morning, ETH in the mainstream varieties continued to be strong, with an increase of + 10% for two consecutive days, which may be affected by the news that “ETH 2.0 may be launched on the fifth anniversary of the mainnet on July 30th”. The platform currency was not to be outdone. OKB raided at 2am, and HT and BNB also followed. Some platform currencies unknowingly approached the previous high price. It is recommended to observe the consolidation situation. If the volume is broken to a new high after effective consolidation, it means that the main target does not stop there.