Monitoring shows: ETH and other tokens in the FCoin hot wallet have been transferred to the starting address of 0x5a, or the security isolation work has been completed

According to the FCoin announcement of the exchange, "Due to the loss of key personnel in the team and severe damage to some systems and data, it was impossible to recover in a timely manner as planned. We are trying to rebuild the system and recover the data. The subsequent recovery progress and estimated time will be announced in the future Regarding some investors ’concerns about whether their related digital assets are stolen or“ running ”, for some related digital assets, the Beijing Chain Security ChainsMap monitoring system found that: ETH and related ERC 20 generations in the current FCoin hot wallet The coin has been transferred to the address beginning with 0x5a1b06, but the related operations only started in the early hours of this morning. This may be the normal security isolation of digital assets during the FCoin reconstruction process. From the perspective of the hot wallet of FCoin's related assets on the TRON chain, the related assets are still in the wallet and have not been transferred out in the past two days.