PeckShield: 177 blockchain security incidents in 2019 with economic losses of up to $ 7.679 billion

Planet Daily and PeckShield jointly published the "2019 Annual Review of Blockchain Security Review and Top Ten Security Events of the Blockchain". According to data from Shield, there were 177 blockchain security incidents in 2019, resulting in economic losses of US $ 7.679 billion, an increase of about 60% from 2018. In addition, PeckShield found:

1) The scope of blockchain security has become wider. From exchanges to digital wallets to the field of DeFi, the closer to the money, the more disaster-stricken areas will be.

2) Developers ’awareness of security has generally improved. DApps, smart contracts, and other basic attack methods such as overflow, replay, and random numbers have been reduced overall. Developers’ security defenses have generally improved, and hacking methods have continued. Evolution

3) The reasons behind the security crisis are becoming more and more magical. Fancy "holes" such as lost private keys, reserved code backdoors, cold wallets being attacked, and the strange death of the founders are becoming more and more fascinating, and technical bugs are easy to remove. , Human BUG is difficult to level;

4) Wealth management wallet fraud, running events, etc. have become new problems in the industry. Based on the cognitive blindness of the general public on blockchain technology, criminals have fabricated various MLM coins, model coins, and air coins to disrupt the industry's atmosphere;

5) The cross-border asset flow of exchanges has become more frequent. With the widespread popularization of digital assets, the central role of the number one player in the blockchain ecosystem, the "exchange", has become increasingly prominent. There is a large amount of unregulated funds behind the flow of funds between exchanges. Scale "Going to sea" facts.