Canaan technology soared 82%, and the concepts of U.S., Hong Kong and A-share blockchains rose collectively

Today, blockchain concept stocks are collectively higher, and Jianan Technology soared 82.73% to lead the rise. US stocks, Hong Kong stocks, and A-shares rose in rotation. Let us first review the real-time market:

US stocks closed at 5 am Beijing time, Canaan Technology (CAN) soared 82.73%, DPW Holdings Inc (DPW) closed 9.22%, Marathon Patent Group Inc (MARA) closed 6.78%, and Thunder (XNET) closed 6.77%

The Hong Kong stock market opened at 10 o'clock, and the market showed a linked market. Blockchain concept stocks generally opened higher. As of midday, Xiong'an Technology (01647.HK) closed up 10.81%, Gome Retail (00493.HK) rose 8.86%, Meitu Corporation (01357.HK) rose 6.56%, and Huobi Technology (01611.HK) opened. Opening higher led by 9.29%, but closed down at 1.37%.

As for A-shares, the Blockchain 50 Index (399286) closed down to 1.26% in early trading, but the individual stocks of the Blockchain concept have come out of a good market. As of midday, Futong Xinmao (000836) has a flat board, and Quartet has created (300468) daily limit, Anjubao (300155) daily limit.

The author believes that there are several possible factors that affect the stock market:

1.Bitcoin stands at $ 10,000 mark

The overall market of blockchain concept stocks is undoubtedly related to the continuous rise in the price of Bitcoin. Since October 26 last year, Bitcoin has once again broken through the $ 10,000 mark. But we can see that in October last year, Bitcoin reached 25 million US dollars by pulling 25% in a single day. The rise of Bitcoin started the rising cycle from January 3 and lasted for more than a month. The performance was very strong. . As of press time, the price of Bitcoin is $ 10,416.

The rise of bitcoin is good for the mining circle and exchanges, promotes mining machine sales, and also promotes trading activity. From the perspective of the rising companies, Jia Nan Technology, which is leading the rise, is a familiar manufacturer of mining machine chips. Huobi Technology, which is open and low, is the leading digital currency exchange in the world. There is also DPW Holdings Inc. Approved to be an authorized sponsor of an exchange-traded fund index ("ETF index"),

2.Miner battle after Bitcoin halved

In this round of the rise of blockchain concept stocks, with a 82.73% increase, Jia Nan Technology is known as a well-deserved leader, and has also injected a booster for the linkage between Hong Kong and A shares. As a manufacturer of mining machine chips, halving Bitcoin is the key to its profit. What is certain is that the mining machine with backward production capacity will be eliminated, the S9 mining machine will basically withdraw from the historical stage, and iteration of new and old mining machines will be ushered in May.

At present, the S9 occupies 40% of the market. Bitmain relies on this type of mining machine to dominate the market for a long time, and the market is about to reshuffle. In other words, the status of Bitmain, Jianan Yunzhi, and Shenma Mining Machine may change. As the only listed mining giant, the rise of Jia Nan's stock price gave him a strong support for this battle.

3. The market is optimistic about the improvement of the epidemic

On February 11, Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in an interview with Reuters that "the epidemic situation may reach its peak in late February". Although the inflection point is not yet clear, provinces across the country have begun to organize an orderly return to work and delivery has basically resumed. Previously affected by the epidemic, Bitmain, Jianan, and Shenma all issued announcements to postpone production, delivery, and after-sales time, and now they are turning for the better. Futong Xinmao's daily limit today, and the daily limit 4 times in the past year, or because of its holding subsidiary Shanghai Qingyou Equity Investment Center, through Jihu Investment indirectly participated in Jianan Yunzhi.

The epidemic situation was brought under control, enterprises were affected, uncertainty was reduced, and the market began to show optimism. However, the blockchain is by no means the industry most affected by the epidemic. This can also be seen from the performance of A shares. Semiconductor, agricultural planting, and phosphate chemical sectors have strengthened, while masks and medicine have continued to weaken. The Blockchain 50 Index closed down, and the daily limit of individual stocks cannot be over-interpreted.

4.The six central banks will discuss digital currencies

The heads of six central banks and the Bank for International Settlements in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, and Canada will meet in mid-April to discuss how to develop their own digital currency to compete with Facebook's Libra or other digital currencies. In addition, the Federal Reserve has also stated several times recently that it is studying the feasibility of digital currencies and plans to create digital dollars.

The unprecedented emphasis of global central banks on the history of digital currencies will indirectly popularize the concepts of blockchain and digital currencies for off-market users. Although central bank digital currencies and bitcoin are not strictly comparable, the underlying technology of central bank digital currencies may not necessarily apply Blockchain, but this does not suppress the excitement of the market.