Deputy President of Sichuan Higher People's Court: Blockchain technology can effectively solve the difficulties of electronic data evidence

According to the People's Court News, Zhang Neng, deputy president of the Sichuan Higher People's Court, pointed out that at present, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has entered a critical period. Based on the existing electronic litigation service system, it has continuously expanded its online service and self-service coverage Scope, strengthen remote cross-domain services, not only to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control fight is resolutely won, but also to ensure that the court's work will not be offline, to serve the people continuously, and to promote intelligent "non-contact" litigation services at the right time. He also said that relying on blockchain technology, electronic evidence deposit platforms were established in some courts, and real-time electronic data solidification and deposit certificates were used to effectively resolve the difficulties of electronic data evidence and greatly save the cost of trial evidence on the Internet. Unified deployment of electronic signature platforms to achieve online batch signing of legal documents and open up the "last mile" of online circulation of legal documents.