Economic Daily: Actively strive for and consolidate the global leading position of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain

On February 13th, an article in the Economic Daily "Promoting the Deep Integration of the Digital Economy and the Real Economy". The article states that China has a certain foundation in the development of digital economy and information technology applications, has market advantages and development potential, but also has problems such as deep integration, insufficient innovation, and poor application. It is urgent to promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization. Guide the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and promote high-quality economic development. First, the "industrial chain" is the starting point to achieve diversified agglomeration development. Second, we plan for key technological breakthroughs with "innovation" as the lead. On the one hand, we will drive fundamental breakthroughs in weak basic technology links such as integrated circuits, basic software, and core components to achieve independent control of core key technologies; on the other hand, we will actively strive for and consolidate frontiers such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and blockchain Global technology leadership. Third, strengthen infrastructure construction with "informatization" as the lead.