In the past month, the total ecological market value of Staking has nearly doubled. Has the turning point really come?

Staking, which was once unheard of, has now ushered in a "true fragrance" moment.

According to incomplete statistics, as of February 13, 2020, the total market value of global encrypted digital assets was approximately 305.8 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of approximately 58.6% compared to the data on January 1, and the total market value of the current staking ecosystem was approximately 19.889 billion U.S. dollars. Compared with the data on January 1, it has increased by about 94.32%. According to this indicator, the staking ecosystem is generally outperforming the entire digital asset market.


(Screenshot from: stakingrewards)

With 10,000 USD Staking, only 1 of the 19 projects lost money, with a maximum return of 24,800 USD

So what would happen if we took $ 10,000 for Staking investment on January 1st and then held it till now?

Here take 19 top Staking projects as an example, the results are shown in the following figure:


(Data from: and stakingrewards)

Of these 19 projects, only one project experienced a loss, and the remaining 18 projects achieved profitability. The only loss in Synthetix is ​​characterized by an extremely high Staking inflation rate. ( Do not doubt, this is the legendary Excel currency speculation )

The turning point of Staking has arrived. Will 2020 be the golden year?

In 2019, the entire competitive coin market is still in a bear market. As reported by Babbitt reporter Helen in " Last 10 months, all of the top 10 Staking projects have lost money ", in a bear market, Staking investment and losses The amount is proportional.

In this context, there have been many startups doing staking services in 19 years, but the reality tells us that these services did not have much popularity last year, and more than 10% of the staking fees also clearly told us that Competition in the market is still in its early stages.

And in " Staking and Loan Money Management in the Coin Circle, Are You Really Suitable ? "In an article, Ease wrote:

"Staking financial management is not appropriate most of the time, only a small part of the time is suitable for participation (such as 1 year in a 4-year cycle)."

At present, the development trend of the Staking market, and the fact that Ethereum is about to switch to PoS, may be an indication of an answer: 2020 is the golden year of Staking.

Some Opinions on Staking

  1. Although this year may be the golden year of Staking, the pledge period should not be too long, and a period of 60 days is generally suitable. For example, before the adjacent Bitcoin halving event, the relevant digital assets are best to be unlocked;
  2. Staking returns provided by general exchanges will be relatively high, which is suitable for investors with larger risk appetite;
  3. Major exchanges may gradually provide more staking services, and the oligopoly effect will be prominent;
  4. After Ethereum's real transition to PoS, the entire Staking market will usher in an explosive period, and the value of related service providers will also rise.
  5. Staking lacks actual value support, it will still be miserable after the market bull market ends;
  6. The above opinions are based on the theory of cycles and the market's performance in the past month, so they need to be further verified;