Samsung's new flagship phone Galaxy S20 series released, continues to support cryptocurrencies

At the Unpacked event on February 11, Samsung announced a new generation of smartphones, the Galaxy S20 series. The new series of phones offer advanced cameras, 5G technology and will be able to store your cryptocurrency.


However, unlike Samsung ’s previous series of phones, the Galaxy S10, this time Samsung has not promoted services that support cryptocurrencies to the same extent. Previously, it advertised its blockchain keystore on ads, announced new cryptocurrencies supported, and eventually added Bitcoin, but this time the Galaxy 20 series made almost no mention of cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

The only reference is on Samsung's official website, which states that the S20 phone will include a "secure processor" dedicated to protecting your PIN, password, pattern and blockchain private key .

Other than that, there is not much information. There are no details on what this may require, which coins are supported, and how many applications will have access to cryptocurrency support.

However, we can seek answers from previously released phones. The S10 contains a secure area for storing private keys and is kept in the Knox security platform of the phone. It connects to Samsung's blockchain keystore application, which lets people check their balances and send money. Considering that the S20 also contains Knox, new phones may continue to use the same system.

We have contacted Samsung to get more information about the blockchain support of the S20, and if we listen back, this article will be updated.