OK Research: LTC's price changes in the past few days have increased in value, and are also full of speculative opportunities.

On April 30th, OK Research issued a report on the investigation of the current situation of Litecoin (LTC). According to the horizontal analysis of the historical data of Litecoin's own production reduction and the longitudinal comparison analysis of the historical data of two production cuts of Bitcoin, we can draw the following analysis. Outcomes: 1) Bitcoin and Litecoin will have a short-term (lasting months) uptrend before the date of production cuts. 2) The response of the Litecoin price to the production cuts was mainly concentrated in the months before the date of production cuts. Within one year after the production cut, the impact of the production cuts on prices is lower than that of Bitcoin. 3) The price change of Litecoin's production cuts not only contains value growth, but also is full of speculative opportunities. The market is hot and the price fluctuates drastically. Excessive speculation causes its price to deviate from value and form a bubble.