Gansu Province Held Provincial Government Party Group (Expanded) Meeting, Emphasizing Exploration of Blockchain and Other Technologies

According to Gansu Daily, Tang Renjian, Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Government's Party Group and Governor, hosted a (Expanded) Meeting of the Provincial Government's Party Group on February 13. The meeting emphasized that at present, the trend of the epidemic situation is not clear, and the prevention and control work is still at a critical stage. We must use information technology to effectively prevent and control. Existing information systems need to be sorted out and integrated to form a systematic and integrated operation that is more convenient and practical; sum up experiences in a timely manner, actively explore and use emerging technologies such as blockchain, and make full use of the "Longzheng Nail" and WeChat And other platforms and carriers to continuously improve the efficiency of office, leadership, guidance and the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control.