Former BitShares CTO and BitShares Technology Team Develop Meta-DNA Decentralized Exchange

According to official information, Fabian, the former CTO of BTS bitcoin, recently brought together the German and Belarusian bitcoin teams to develop the Metaverse DNA decentralized exchange. Fabian served as the core technology developer and technical consultant of Daniel Larimer from 2014 to 2016, mainly responsible for the construction of smart contracts for bitcoin financial services, trustless voting and public trading. BTS BitShares is an earlier decentralized exchange established around the world.

Metaverse DNA Decentralized Exchange can provide more secure, efficient and transparent support for the transaction of digital assets, better empower the business ecology on the chain, and possess the advantages of transparency and security. The addition of Fabian and the core developer team of BitShares is expected to upgrade the Metaverse DNA Decentralized Exchange into a world-class new type of decentralized exchange based on the mature experience accumulated by BitShares.