LongHash: Adjusting Bitcoin Units May Be the Key to a Bull Market

On February 13, LongHash published an article stating that many exchanges and market software are designed according to the stock trading system. By default, the price displayed by the stock trading system is the unit price of the stock, that is, the price of each share, and this is the smallest unit of stock trading and is indivisible. Therefore, it is likely that this habitual thinking will allow many people familiar with stocks to apply this thinking to Bitcoin transactions. For those who have just come into contact with Bitcoin, it is easy to think that this is the smallest unit of Bitcoin trading, and the unit price of 60,000 to 70,000 will definitely discourage many potential investors. If the entire industry can work together to change the unit of bitcoin to bits, it may have a great impact on many people who are still waiting to see and do not understand, at least for those investors who simply believe that the unit price of bitcoin is too high, Great impetus. Obviously, the price of bitcoin has been hovering for a long time. The big reason is the lack of new investors. Unlike the previous bull market (such as around 2015), the current unit price of bitcoin must have scared many people. The necessary condition for the bull market to open is that a large number of new investors can participate, and adjusting the bitcoin display unit is likely to become the key to open the bull market.