Cryptocurrency narrative notes: what are the interesting slogans of the crypto community?

Communities are always defined by narrative and then by reality.

The core asset of cryptocurrencies is narrative. Early community participants often sell to others through word-of-mouth, rather than rigorous academic papers, lengthy product descriptions, or intensive technical documentation. Widespread communication will bring a wide audience, like-minded audiences will become loyal fans, loyal fans will have opinion leaders, and a thousand opinion leaders will bring a thousand different narratives. The narrative theme of Bitcoin has changed from the early "a peer-to-peer electronic cash system" to the "dark web hard currency" to the later "digital gold". "Application Platform" and later "Open Financial Platform", the narrative theme of Bitcoin and Ethereum advancing with the times has also nurtured the development and growth of the community, and it has become more and more diverse under the collective narrative of ten million coin holders Stories, increasingly network effects-this is where the community lives.

Robert Shiller put forward the concept of "narrative economics" in the past two years. Cryptoeconomics and encryption technology are important, but if you can't build exciting narrative content, you can't stand out from thousands of narratives and shouts And get the attention of the community. Over the years, the community's vast narrative themes include better Bitcoin, bigger roast cats, updated ICOs, faster Ethereum, more fun Cryptokitties, more compliant USDT, more localized Binance, The more decentralized Internet, the more global sovereign currency, etc., what will be the next narrative theme? How long is Mr. Market's memory cycle, and what is he sensitive to and numb to, and will the fiery theme come back?

If you can't condense the strategy into a slogan, it can't be communicated to the earliest people in the community.

Let's start with a slogan that is worth a lot of money-a slogan is a shortcut for the community to reach consensus . When we launched the oppressed people's revolution, we said, "Cangtian is dead, Huang Tian is standing." When we launched the hundreds of millions of peasant revolution, we said, "strike the tyrants and divide the fields." So what interesting slogans have appeared in the crypto world? Let's look at the two main lines of Bitcoin and Ethereum:


Image source: Visions of Bitcoin

In the past ten years, our narrative about Bitcoin has been divided into the following topics:

  • Electronic cash and cheap P2P payment network: Before Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper in 2009, there were many crypto punks trying to establish anonymous electronic money systems. Bitcoin was just one of many attempts at the time. In the circle of niche geeks, the narrators of "e-cash and cheap P2P payment networks" are mainly Cypherpunks and cryptographers, and later they are mainly currency holders and traders. They think this is the most suitable for Satoshi The original intention, convenient transfers and low fees are the biggest features of the Bitcoin system. The narratives born under this theme are:

BTC: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and a cheap P2P payment network

BCH: Bitmain escorts electronic cash

BSV: I'm Satoshi Nakamoto. BSV is the real Bitcoin.

Grin: Three non-explosive BTC2.0 (no pre-digging, no ICO, no investors)

Lightning Network: Let Bitcoin enter ordinary people's homes through micropayments

XRP: The era of wild digital currencies is over, let us go hand in hand with top financial giants

Stellar: XRP is a cruel harvester, let us airdrop to people all over the world

Doge: Meme's virus spreads us all over the Internet

Ravencoin: knock down ASIC miners and make bitcoins that can issue assets

Nextcoin: The world's first POS low-energy currency, environmentalists deserve it

  • Digital gold, reserve currency, non-relevant assets: Narrators under this theme consider bitcoin's scarcity, predictable monetary policy, and secure value storage as the main values. Bitcoin will become the reserve currency for the entire crypto world. From about 2016, the narrator proposed that traditional investors should consider bitcoin as a non-relevant asset and diversify with assets such as stocks, bonds, and gold. With investment funds, trusts, Bakkt compliant exchanges, etc. Institutions are involved in Bitcoin services, and the narrative theme of Bitcoin as an unrelated asset has gradually been accepted by traditional investors. Narratives on related topics are:

BTC: digital gold, hedge assets, non-relevant assets

Litecoin: Bitcoin, Lite Silver, Light and Cheap

Tether: The stablecoin we all use

Binance: the value of the world's largest exchange

ETH: Digital Oil, Currency and Application Issuance Platform

  • Anti-censorship and hard currency in the underground world: The narrator believes that Bitcoin is convenient for anonymous online transactions, and has been used in dark web transactions such as SilkRoad to become a hard currency in the underground world. There is a great demand and use value. Swiss Bank. " With the successive introduction of policies by various countries on the control of bitcoin transactions (stopping legal currency deposits, users KYC) and the deep involvement of data analysis companies, the market has increasingly demanded anonymous currencies. Derivatives under relevant narratives are:

BTC: Anti-censorship, underground world hard currency, Swiss bank in your pocket

Dash: Fast and convenient for privacy, go deep into the grassroots for marketing

Monero: Anonymous cash, a must-have for dark web life

Zcash: Scientifically Certified Anonymous Gold

  • Programmable shared database: As more and more people begin to discuss "Bitcoin is useless except for hype", the narrator begins to discuss the next development with "programmable shared database" as the core, including the release of bitcoin through technologies such as sidechains. Programmability, such as issuing assets, implementing smart contracts, on-chain governance, etc., aims to make Bitcoin a basic protocol for developing a wider range of use cases. Derivatives on related topics are:

Dyeing Coins: Issuing Tokens Anchoring Real Assets on Bitcoin

Omni: Implementing Smart Contracts on Bitcoin

Decred: Bitcoin that can be governed on-chain

ETH: Decentralized World Computer, Blockchain 2.0, ICO Platform, DApp Platform, Defi …

Recently, I saw another new bitcoin story in "Wang Tao: A Bird's Eye View of the Digital Asset Market Classification": "Energy Black Production-Bitcoin Anchored Energy. Mining machines have become the realization channel of energy rights owners, so mining machines All people are bound. How big an asset can be depends on how many people it can bind. Moutai is tied to many corrupt officials, thereby binding the bureaucratic system and binding everyone through the bureaucratic system. When an asset can bind all People, they will become bulls. "


Image source: Visions of Ether

In the past five years, our narrative about Ethereum has the following topics:

  • Blockchain 2.0 and decentralized application platform: When Ethereum was founded, it wanted to add a Turing-complete scripting language to Bitcoin. In January 2014, Vitalik Burterin officially announced the Ethereum project at the North American Bitcoin Conference (Bloomberg said It is BTC2.0). Ethereum led the second wave of cryptocurrencies with huge innovations in smart contracts. Unlike the Bitcoin narrative of "currency cryptos, redefining the way money operates", Ethereum uses "technical cryptos to redefine the operation of the network." "Method" as the core began to flourish. Currently, more than 1.5 million smart contracts have been deployed on Ethereum, and the narrator calls it the "next generation cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform." Many projects under this vision have targeted their positioning, such as:

ETH: Blockchain 2.0, World Computer, Decentralized Application Platform, Digital Oil

ETC: Ethereum that has never been tampered with in the parallel world, insists on being a POW Ethereum

EOS: Blockchain 3.0, Million Ethereum, the largest ICO in history, leveling the SEC to the outside world, taking turns to be the king inside

Ethereum as you go: NEO (Chinese Ethereum), AE (African Ethereum), Matic (Indian Ethereum), Tomochain (Vietnamese Ethereum), ADA (Japanese Ethereum), ICX (Korea Ethereum)

Tezos: Ethereum that can be governed on-chain

Tron: Justin.Sun's Ethereum

Cosmos: Wanchain Internet, POS Engine (Tendermint), Blockchain TCP / IP (IBC)

Polkadot: Web3.0, Blockchain Linux (Substrate)

CDOT: Polkadot + Cosmos, connecting all application chains

  • Explosive decentralized applications: Decentralized applications have always been one of the areas that the blockchain industry is tirelessly exploring. Narrators believe that based on blockchain technology, we will obtain privacy protection and freedom of information, which will lead to an efficient market without middlemen. The new collaboration model finally restructures the way the network works. Before Cosmos and Substrate launched independent application chains (development frameworks for specific applications), almost all applications were constructed in the form of smart contracts, with the core feature of application rules being verifiable. The narrative around this theme is really dazzling:

ETH: Decentralized Application Platform

More attractive DApp ecosystems than Ethereum: EOS, Tron, Ontology

DEX: Decentralized Exchange

Augur: Ethereum's first online casino opens

Fairwin: Money never sleeps

CryptoKitties: Phenomenon cat development game, NFT collectors chat

ChainLink: an off-chain data provider that everyone needs

Steemit: a content platform for everyone to make money

Aragon: Holder Collaboration Software (DAO)

BAT: The Browser you Control

  • Open financial platform: The narrator believes that open finance will coexist with centralized finance. With its core advantage of "no license", everyone can participate in global financial business with a low threshold, and the narrative around this theme Generally includes financing, investment, deposit and loan, transactions and payments, derivatives and so on.

ICO: Great Leap Forward for All

IEO: New exchanges make some people rich first

STO: Legal crowdfunding, compliant coin issuance

The Dao: Referendum Common Investment Fund

MakerDao: Central Bank on Ethereum

Dharma: P2P Lending Platform

Uniswap: Ethereum authentic DEX (decentralized, no KYC, no ICO, no transaction fee, no listing fee)

Coinbase: Compliance Exchange

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