Blockchain concept stocks are easy to see, and the actual controller of the shares may be changed to Yunnan SASAC

According to the Yijian Shares announcement, the company's shareholders Jiutian Holdings intends to transfer 18% of the shares of the Yijian shares it holds to ICBC Junyang at a unit price of 12.83 yuan / share and a total transfer price of 2,592,180,256.50 yuan; the company's controlling shareholder, Central Yunnan The Group intends to transfer the 8% shares of the Fame shares it holds through public solicitation. Yunnan Industrial Investment will participate in the public solicitation for the transfer of 8% shares of the Fame shares by the Central Yunnan Group Agreement. Industrial Investment Junyang is a holding subsidiary of Yunnan Industrial Investment, and they have a concerted action relationship. If Yunnan Industrial and Investment Corporation is determined as the transferee of the public offer for the equity transfer of the Central Yunnan Group, it will become the controlling shareholder of the company, and the actual controller of the company will be changed to the Yunnan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. The company's stock resumed trading on February 14. It is reported that Yijian's flagship product is "Easy Blocks-Trusted Data Pool". This product implements cross-chain data traceability technology, realizes multi-chain collaboration and cross-chain traceability of trade and financing, and forms a traceable supply. The chain finance solution covers the entire process of the supply chain from trade formation, financing to asset securitization.