Video | A "Blockchain Village" Story (Part 2)

If a ledger is secure and credible, we also need to prevent someone from secretly altering it. How does the blockchain ensure the accuracy of the information recorded in the ledger every time? In this issue of "100 Blockchain Forums", Fang Jun, a consulting partner of Huobi University, will take us to discuss how the distributed accounting of blockchain can prevent tampering.

Review of previous "Blockchain 100 Forums":

Phase I: What is a Blockchain (Part 1) | Speaker Yuan Yuming

Issue 2: What is a Blockchain (Part 2) | Speaker Yuan Yuming

Phase Three: What Can Blockchains Do | Speaker Li Hui

Issue 4: A Brief History of Blockchain (1) | Speaker Li Hui

Episode 5: A Brief History of Blockchain (Part 2) | Speaker Li Hui

Issue Six: The Story of Chain Village (Part 1) | Speaker Fang Jun

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