Yu Wei: The profit logic of mining is very simple. Mines need to pay attention to compliance and safety.

On February 13, in the "Coin Printing Club Guest House" hosted by the Coin Printing Mining Pool, Zhijian Core Cloud founder Yu Wei said that compared to buying coins, mining is to obtain Bitcoin from the source. Simple, when mining reward> mining cost, mining is profitable. Among them, mining reward = block reward + block packing fee; mining cost = hardware cost (mining plant, mining machine, etc.) + operating cost (electricity fee, labor fee, etc.). Regarding the choice of mining machine, the new high-power model has high cost but strong anti-risk capability; the old model has low cost, but may be forced to shut down after halving. Now mining is the best opportunity other than ten years ago. The price of currency will make the difficulty infinite, and the annual rate should be 100E. Regardless of whether it is a new mine or a trusteeship mine, three things need to be done in the inspection: geographical adjustment, project compliance, and partner qualifications.