Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission promotes new infrastructure construction such as 5G and blockchain around new infrastructure

According to the Shanghai Securities News, starting on February 10, all parts of the country, on the basis of ensuring epidemic prevention and control, have been pushing for the orderly resumption of major projects. The Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission released news and planned to screen 1021 provincial key projects with a total investment of 2.9 trillion yuan. Among them, highlight the support of major infrastructure projects. In the field of transportation, we will accelerate the implementation of Lunan High Speed ​​Rail, Weilai High Speed ​​Rail, Jizheng High Speed ​​Rail, Xiongshang High Speed ​​Rail, Jiaoji-Jiqing High Speed ​​Rail Link, and implement a number of key projects such as expressways, airports, ports and shipping. In addition, around the new infrastructure field, we will promote the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, the Internet of Things, and blockchain. With 5G as a breakthrough, we will achieve continuous coverage of 5G networks in key urban areas by the end of this year.