People's Daily: Science and technology war "epidemic", people online use blockchain technology to achieve copyright protection

On February 14th, People's Daily published an article "Science and Technology" Epizoon: Exerting the Power of Copyright to Accompany the People to Overcome the Difficulties with High-Quality Works. " In order to effectively reduce the gathering of personnel and block the spread of the epidemic, various government departments, relevant organizations, and intellectual property industry companies have successively launched measures for online handling of intellectual property affairs. People's Online, as a leader in the field of big data evaluation technology, follows the trend of domestic industrial innovation and transformation and technological change, taking the lead in launching "blockchain + copyright protection". In 2019, it officially launched a one-stop copyright protection management platform-"People copyright". The platform relies on the encryption and chain structure of the blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and immutability of the data after the on-chain, to achieve automatic storage of original content, real-time monitoring of original reprints, rapid evidence retrieval for infringement reprints, and online infringement The online transaction of rights protection and authorized content provides users with the most complete full-process online services.