Guiyang Branch of Zheshang Bank uses blockchain technology to provide funding for small and micro enterprises in the epidemic

According to the Economic Daily News, to combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese banking industry is actively taking action, and 12 national joint-stock commercial banks have launched a number of measures in a timely manner to help small and micro enterprises fight the epidemic with practical actions. Among them, Zheshang Bank Guiyang Branch quickly launched a credit “green channel” to sort out 37 small upstream upstream enterprises with difficulties. Relying on the Group's core receivables chain platform business circle, the blockchain receivables payment project Payment, labor costs, etc., after receiving the receivables from the blockchain, the company can transfer them online to Zhejiang Commercial Bank in real time to obtain working capital. During the epidemic control period, the bank had 21 upstream small and micro enterprises to obtain 220 million yuan in funding.